Meet Our Team

The staff at Total Care Vets are a team of devoted animal lovers who strive to provide professional advice to clients and care for pets as if they were their own.


Veronica Lucas

Practice Owner

Dr. Veronica grew up in Hannaford and always knew she wanted to work with animals. She graduated her Veterinary degree with honours at the University of Queensland in 2006. Veronica has worked at Total Care for over 10 years now, and in 2014 she and her husband Kris bought the business. In 2016 Kris and Veronica were blessed with their beautiful baby girl Kaylee. Veronica also has a great passion for horses and is the proud owner of a blue cattle dogs (Squirt) and a cat (Prickle).

Elise Ogden


Dr. Elise was born in Sydney and grew up in Grafton (NSW). Elise always knew she wanted to work with animals. However, she didn't decide to become a vet until 2010. She finished high school in 2008 and did 1 year of Physiotherapy in 2009 before transferring into vet. Elise graduated from the University of Queensland with first class honours in 2014. She is the proud mum of one kelpie (Honey) and a cat (Tabitha) and lives on farm with her husband Zac.

Margot Little


Dr. Margot grew up in Ingham, North Queensland and graduated with a Veterinary Degree from James Cook University in 2012. Margot worked in Armidale  for several months after graduating, before moving to Jandowae, a small town north of Dalby in 2013 to work at Bell vets. She has been working at Total Care since 2015. She has always loved working with cattle and horses, but also enjoys caring for small animals. Margot and her husband Glen welcomed their handsome baby boy Nate, June 2017 and are the loving owners of a beautiful border collie (Bronte) and a cat (Tuddy). Dr. Margot also enjoys performing horse dentals in her spare time.

Amanda Nation


Dr Amanda grew up in Allora on the Darling Downs and has always loved animals. Amanda graduated her Veterinary Degree with class 2a honours from the University of Queensland St Lucia and has worked with a large variety of animals since. Along side her husband Brendan and 2 kids Chloe and Josh, they run approximately 160 head Poll Hereford breeders and they progeny near the Bunya Mountains. Amanda enjoys growing home grown fruit and veggies in her spare time. 

Erin Winks

Veterinary Nurse

Nurse Erin grew up on a property in Bell (Qld),  a small town 20 minutes from Dalby. Erin finished her Certificate II in Agriculture before starting at Total Care in 2007 where she finished her Certificate II in Veterinary Nursing. She has a great love for all types of animals, from livestock to the cute pets we hold dear. We have been fortunate enough to have Erin in our Total Care Family for over 10 years now. Erin and her husband Daniel breed and sell cattle, as well as being the loving owners to 2 dogs (Fly and Ally) and 2 cats (Ned and Peanut). Erin is currently going through a new stage of life at present after welcoming a beautiful baby girl, Piper last November (2017). 

Lauren Oglivie

Veterinary Nurse

Nurse Lauren grew up in Brisbane but has always had a passion for the country. She moved out to Emerald in 2012 to complete her Certificate IV in Horse Breeding and has since moved to our small country town (Dalby) and completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in July 2018. Lauren is animal crazy with 4 horses, 3 cats and 2 beautiful dogs. She lives on a farm with her partner Charles and enjoys competing in horse competitions in her spare time.

Savannah McIlveen

Trainee Nurse

Nurse Savanah grew up in Dalby and has always had a strong passion for animals. She is currently studying a certificate III in Vet nursing. Savanah also has a love for horses and goes riding in her spare time. She is a proud mum to her cat Narla and her dog Chance. 

Kristen Hohn

Trainee Nurse

Nurse Kristen grew up in Toowoomba and has always had a passion for animals. In 2017 she moved out to Dalby to live with her partner Jade and completed her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing in Novemeber 2018. Kristen is the proud mum of her two dogs Molly and Ralph and enjoys working out at the gym and running in her spare time.

Isabelle 'Izzy' Maddison

Front Office Manager

Izzy came to us as a rescue kitten in 2014 when she was found in the front of someones yard. She fit right in and settled into her new home immediately, making the most of having a vet clinic as a playground. Her favourite activities include hiding in prams, handbags and hanging off customers shoulders. She also enjoys greeting patients and clients and sleeping on her cat tower as she silently judges from a safe distance. 

Martin James 'Marty'

Client Relations

Marty or Martin James when he is in trouble, has been with us since 2010 when he rocked up on the clinic's door step looking for food and a warm bed and has been with us ever since. Marty likes to spend his time sleeping, eating, grooming and comforting customers when they've had a bad day. He also enjoys kneating bench tops and counters to make sure they are comfortable before resting.


Kris Lucas

Practice Owner

 Kris has always had a passion for horses and dogs, he joined the Total Care family over 4 years ago and in 2014 he and his wife Veronica bought the business. Kris has a great knowledge of what is best to feed your furry friends and can tell you all you need to know about fish from filters to food and environment. In 2016 Kris and Veronica were blessed with their beautiful baby girl Kaylee. Kris is the owner of 2 blue cattle dogs (Squirt & Butsa) and a cat (Prickle). In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and their horses.

Jody Tate

Customer Service

Jody has an abundant love for animals from fury and fluffy to scaly and feathery. She has been with us since 2011 and has a great knowledge of feline and canine nutrition. She can also tell you what you need to know about all of the various fish we stock from food to what to put in their tanks. Jody enjoys photography and spending time with partner Dan and kids Matt, Travis, Brayden and her granddaughter Mia in her spare time. Jody is the loving owner to 3 dogs (Honey, Pumpa and Hunter) and 7 cats (Ollie, Charlie, Yaris, Sweeney, Bailey, Frankie and Cecilia).

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